The Uniphos Smoke Tubes are sealed glass tubes filled with a pungent gas producing chemical compound loaded on an inert support material. After cutting both ends of the tube and passing air by using a specified pump or squeezing a rubber bulb attached at one end of the tube it produces irritant smoke, coming out of the other end.


  • Simple to use
  • Cost Effective
  • Reusable if properly closed
  • Produces corrosive stannic chloride, watch out with inhaling and skin contact. See this link for non-corrosive smoke tubes.
Name Part Name Spec SDS
Uniphos Smoke Tubes CF000154 N/A N/A
Uniphos Smoke Tubes Kit 02-SMOKEKIT N/A N/A
Smoke Tubes Corrosive Part No Spec SDS
Aspirator bulb for kit # D5019702 or D5019701 D5019903 N/A N/A
Smoke Kit (OL) – Corosive Bulb, 701#, Case D5019702 N/A
Smoke Cartridge D6009000 N/A
Smoke Tube (OL) – Corrosive D5019701 N/A
Smoke Tubes Low Corrosive-fit Testing Part No Spec SDS
Smoke Tube kit – Stanic Chloride (2 tubes,case, bulb, caps, breaker) 5607 N/A N/A
Ventilation Smoke Tube- Stanic Chloride D5019704
Smoke Tubes Non-Corrosive Part No Spec SDS
Smoke tube n. corrosive, Pg of 12 D5019708    
Smoke tube n. corros./ 6 pcs. + pump, cap, case D5019709    
Aspirator bulb for kit # D5019709 or D5019708 D5019710 N/A N/A
Others Part No Spec SDS
Detector Tube Trainer Tubes D5019703 N/A N/A


Continuous generation of smoke for 7-8 minutes with 200 ml/min air is passed.


Uniphos Smoke Generation Tubes can be used for tracking low velocity air movements.

These tubes are also useful for respiratory fit testing specified by OSHA.

For checking air flow direction in mines, testing the performance of fume hoods, exhaust discharge, dryers, stacks etc.