Uniphos understands these needs and is committed to working with industries that require equipment like our Airtester HP and MP Detector Tubes, which are used to monitor the purity of breathing air as supplied directly from air compressors, breathing air cylinders or medium pressure air lines supplying air for airline applications and pneumatic machinery.

The Airtester enables the user to check for the four primary contaminants relevant: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oil and water vapor. (According to the EN Standard 12021)

Max Content of Measured Component in Breathing Air (EN 12021)
Carbon Monoxide 15ppm
Carbon Dioxide 500ppm
Oil 0.5 mg/m3; Odor and taste free
Water Vapour 50 mg/m3 at 200 Bar
35 mg/m3 at 300 Bar
25 mg/m3 if sampled from compressor

In conjunction with the Airtester HP [high pressure maximum 4500 psi] or the Airtester MP [medium pressure 29 to 145 psi], the HP and MP Detector Tubes can indicate quickly and quantitatively the concentration of water vapor, oil, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous fumes.

There are two versions of the high pressure Airtester: the Airtester HP, a basic version, for testing one tube at a time; and the Airtester HP Multi-Port configuration to test up to four tubes simultaneously.

The HP version is used directly from 2216 or 4500 psi SCBA cylinders or high-pressure compressors using the DIN 300 to SCBA adapter suppled with each kit. The Airtester MP tests with one tube at a time and is ideal for plant supplied systems where the typical in-plant air lines operate at 80 to 120 psi and the MP can be connected directly to the plant airline using a quick disconnect.

Name Part No Range Spec
Airtester Adapter R 5/8″ 200bar D4071017 N/A N/A
Airtester Adapter R 5/8″ 300bar D4073018 N/A N/A
Airtester HP – Single Stage D3188701 N/A N/A
Airtester MP – Medium Pressure – Single Stage D5185710 N/A N/A
Carbon Dioxide CO2-HP D5085848 100-2000 PPM
Carbon Monoxide CO-HP D5085847 5-70 PPM
DT Oil-HP synth 10040887 Warning Marks
H2O-HP (mg/m³) D5085849 5-160 mg/m³ N/A
H2O-MP D5086851 100-1000 PPM N/A
Nitr.-HP D5086850 0.2-6 PPM N/A
Water Vapor-HP D7086872 5-200 mg/m3
Airtester HP- Multi-Port Sampling Kit D3188702 N/A N/A

High Pressure Tubes are used to measure contaminants in breathing air and pressurized cylinders. Gas samples are not drawn through the tubes with a hand pump, but rather using the pressurized gas supply itself. Sample volumes are typically greater than 1 Liter for better sensitivity.

Name Part No Range Spec
Carbon Dioxide-HP D5085848 100-2000 ppm  
Carbon Monoxide-HP D5085847 5-70 ppm  
Compressor Oil Vapor & Mist 10040887 0.3-7.5 mg/m3  
Water Vapor-HP D7086872 5-200 mg/m3