Uniphos Container Fumigation Probe

Use the Uniphos Container Fumigation Probe to measure gases or vapours inside sea containers, which can possibly fumigated with highly toxic gas or products that transpire a toxic gas concentration (see Applications & Markets, Container Fumigation). It is also possible to attach a pumped gas detection device to it, for completing your container measurement.

Uniphos Hot Air Probe

Hot Air Probe

Measure in hot areas with a temperature from 40°C until 600°C. The UNIPHOS Hot Air Probe will cool the temperature down to a normal environmental temperature, where Gas Detector Tubes should be used with.

Because of the length of the probe which contains falls air/gas that will be drawn through the tube, multiply the reading of the tube with correction factor:

  • x1,08 per 100ml
  • x1,04 per 200ml
  • x1,02 per 400ml


Uniphos Extension Sampling Line/Hose

Use the Uniphos Detection Tube Remote Sampler for measuring gas in manholes, sewers, or other places which are hard or dangerous to reach in person. This item can be easily attached air-tight at the inlet of the Uniphos ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump. The tube(s) can be attached at the end of the hose. When attached in the right way, you can be sure to pull exact 100cc of air through the detector tube, without being harmful to the Uniphos tube accuracy.

Available lengths

  • 15 feet (4,5 meter)
  • 35 feet (11 meter)


Uniphos Indestructible Transport Case

With the Uniphos Indestructible Transport Case, you don’t have to worry your gas detection equipment will be destroyed. This Uniphos case is made of almost indestructible fiber and is watertight, what makes it absolutely suitable for taking it with you in a lot of hazardous environments. Can be used for carrying the Uniphos ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump, 20 packages of Uniphos Gas Detection Tubes, Uniphos Spare Pump Connectors, Uniphos Pump Maintenance Grease.

Case only.


Uniphos One Hand Operation Adapter


The Uniphos One Hand Operation Adapter can maintain a vacuum of 50ml or 100ml in the pump body for up to 120 minutes, when used with the model Uniphos ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump. This allows the user to assemble the pump and appropriate tube to take the sample by using one hand, necessary in dangerous situations. In the Adapter, particularly in the body, there is a small rod which can be moved easily in or out with one finger. It acts as a check valve. If the end with the red dot is pushed, the pump works normally and sampling is carried out in the usual manner. When the end of the rod, which is polished metal (unpainted), is pushed in, a vacuum is created and the effect is similar to doing a leak test.

Tube Tip Breaker Container

Be sure to break both ends of the Uniphos detector tube in the Tube Tip Breaker Container, to prevent sharp glass scattering around.

DoubleTube Holder

As some measurements require a main-tube and a pre-tube which have to be attached to each other, the gas detector tube system might get wiggly. By placing the tubes into the holder, the system will get fixed that prevents tubes getting lose from the pump. This holder is especially practical to use with the Fumigation Probe and Hot Air Probe.